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    My School

    To this School i go. My big Sis was in this school too. I always drive with the bus too school.
    Natalie. E

    Steve F.

    This is our School and I like it so far, the teachers are nice so far and me and Friends have a good time so far.


    This is my first school year at this school ans I am very excited about my new subjects . In the foto you can see our school yard and our school Logo:)


    This is my School and I like it
    I have a long way to go to school but thats okey ,I mean i learn so much nice things here .
    the teachers and my classmate are nice.
    On the picture you can see our cafeteria.
    I think thats one of my favorit place because I get food there


    This is our school in Poland ;) It's like rectangle.


    This is my school [high school]. Our teachers are very friendly and the school enviroment is pretty good. This the view from the first floor, and this our yard.

    My school- Yiostina and Elpida

    This is our school. Our school is not so good from the outside but we have really good teachers who try to help us and support us. We believe that our school is quite good and we like the things we do here.

    Katerina, Felicia and Eleni

    This is one of the most beautiful places in our school. This is were we all hang out. It's like a shed with a little garden.

    David Y.

    This is our School.
    Everyone is nice and supportive to each other,aslong as Sports aren't involved. :-)
    I really like that we have so short lessons in comparison to my old School.
    I'm happy about the specialized giving of Advice that the k2 can offer.


    This is my school in Hagen and I really like it.


    My School is the K2. My School is very big and has many classrooms.
    It is difficult to find everything directly. The people here are very nice

    Fabian S.

    This is one of the best place in our school meeting room for students. This is the spot where all students can rest an talk to friends. This is the most peaceful place in school. At the picture u can see that we have portrait of an Albert Einstein on the wall and one of his quote that says : Imagination is more inportant than knowledge becouse knowlege is limited.

    Kamila W

    This is our geographic class. There are a lot of globes and maps. I really like this class and I like spending time there because this is my favourite subject.

    Emilia M

    This is our polish language class. I actually very like polish lessons but my friends not necessarily. Interpreting of poem give them sleepless night.

    Argyris, Loukas, Michalis

    This is our school. It is not very big or pretty but the teachers are really good. Also, the students here are very polite.

    Greek School

    This is the school’s garden ! I think it’s one of the most beautiful places of our school!

    Olga Halkidou

    My small high school Chris

    Here we get our morning lessons... It's an old, small building which means that you are about 200 students here... But it's ok because you are a big family (as our religion teacher says)... The best thing to do here is to play a sport between the gaps... We can play volleyball, pink ponk, socker, football, basketball, badminton etc... Well.. It is a good place to hung up with your friends... (and some lessons squared 😁😁😁)


    This is our second polish language class. That's my favourite class, because I spend there the best time off all day and i really like this subject.


    this is our gym is not to big but suffice to our needs

    Natalia Pułtorak

    This is after-school club in our school. This is the spot where all students can rest. Religion lessons are held there.

    Natalia O

    This is classroom where we learn English. There is always really cold but I don't care, I like learning English!


    This is our school library.
    There you will find school readings for Polish lessons and other youth books.


    This is my Math clasroom. It is one of my favourite clasrooms. I like studying maths it is one of the most interesting subjects at school.

    Julka Trzaska

    this is biology class in my school, there is a lot of artificial animals and medicine books


    This is a chemical room. We will find various laboratory items there. We're doing experiments in this room.


    This is our math class.

    Natalie. w

    This is my secondary school, it looks pretty big in the beginning (which it is) but you get used to it. Pretty nice people are going there and the teachers are happy to help you with any questions.


    This is our school. It is my first year here. It is a big school, sometime it isn't easy to find a class quickly but with the time it will be better. Everyone is nice to each other. I like that we have short lessons.

    My School

    This is my school. I like it so far, here are nice people and the teachers are also very nice.

    My School #K2

    My School is alf an hour from my home in a little town called Hohenlimburg. I drive every day by bus. i like my school . the school is not big and not small . we have a lot of pupils here with the age from 16 to 19 and have 80 teachers.you can be here for two or three years to make your "abitur" -> "graduation". i like the school but she is to far away for me.
    Daniela W.

    My School

    I go to the k2 in hagen. My school is a half hour away from my Home as I come from a more distant city. There are different subjects at school, such as Spanish or business administration.-anna

    My school

    I visit the "Kaufmannsschule 2" in Hohenlimburg. Even though the lessons begin at quarter past eight, i have to pick my first bus an hour earlier to be there on time. At the beginning of the schoolyear, I was always scared that I could get lost at such a huge building but after a week I already got familiar to the place and was able to orient myself as well!

    School Entry

    This is our first school entry , eventhough it is the first school entry everyone entries in the side entries haha

    My school

    I go to school K2. My school is in Hohenlimburg and it's a litte farther from my house, therefore I always drive with the bus. My school is quite big and nice. There are many classrooms and very much teachers. The classrooms are big and very nice. The teachers are very kind and nice too. They are here for us to learn something and succeed in life. I like my school :)