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  • Chatting

    Oğuz D. /Kazikli Secondary school

    thank you very much for the chatting time.

    Çağrı Dere/Kazikli Secondary School

    Thanks all :)

    Çağrı DERE/Kazikli Secondary School

    We will come together for a new project :)

    Yetkin DERE / Vakfıkebir Atatürk Secondary School

    Our students talked about project on chatroom. They were all very pleased to be in the project. Many thanks to our students, they are the most important part of our project. Have a nice holiday

    Melih Asaf E. / Vakfıkebir Atatürk Secondary School

    I'm Yetkin Dere's student. I'm very happy to be in this project. Many thanks to dear teachers.

    Yeliz AKDEMİR/Ahmet Zeki Atalay Secondary School

    We have done very good work together during our project. Thank you very much for your active participation to all of you. See you next year.


    Dear teachers thank you for everything!
    (my teacher is Yeliz Akdemir)

    Hayriye KÜÇÜK/Şehit Öğretmen Hacı Ömer Serin Secondary School

    Our students met on chatroom and talked about our project.They said that they want to meet next year in another project.They were all happy for this nice meeting:)

    Necati Ç. /Şehit Öğretmen Hacı Ömer Serin Secondary School

    I am Hayriye Küçük's student.I am very happy meeting with you.I am very pleased taking part in this project

    Nisa G. /Şehit Öğretmen Hacı Ömer Serin Secondary School

    Thank you very much for this meeting:)I liked it very much