2. Webinar


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  • 2. Webinar

    Yeliz AKDEMİR-Ahmet Zeki Atalay Secondary School

    We talked about how the corona days and distance teaching passed..And we shared our ideas about our common work 'An Adventure That Never Ends'

    Çağrı DERE

    In corona days, we gathered and talked about how we pass our days at home and what we can do for our project. I am very happy to be with you :)

    Çağrı DERE

    Very glad to meet you again :)

    Çağrı DERE

    Ver happy to be with you in these bad days :)

    Yetkin DERE / Vakfıkebir Atatürk Secondary School

    We talked about corona days and online teaching and also about our collaborative project work.

    Hayriye KÜÇÜK /Şehit Öğretmen Hacı Ömer Serin Secondary School

    We gathered on 23rd April .Nearly all partners joined from different countries.We spoke about corona days , and about what should we do for us and our students during these days?We spoke about distance education.We spoke about our common and collabrative work.I am very happy to be with my friends

    Viktoriya Chumachkina, Mariupol specialized school №4

    Our meeting was very useful, we shared much information and experience!