Communication Groups

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    Please, share your studies on  this page. Use whatsapp for fast and ease communication. 

    While sharing in our Facebook group:

    • Follow the safety and respect rules
    • Do not use photos of your partners or students without permission
    • Don't tag people unrelated to your share.
    • Don't ask them to share, share, or comment on them.
    • Avoid over-sharing.
    • Answer all comments as quickly as possible
    • Do not make shares that will offend students and colleagues.


    Rules to be considered when writing in groups.

    • Do not share within the group outside the project.
    • Do not make private conversations within the group.
    • Pay attention to the sharing hours in the group. Avoid writing late at night.
    • If you have a special message to a friend who is a member of the group, please write it for yourself.
    • If you have a definite knowledge of the questions in the group, please respond and make a comment.
    • Your writings should be clear and understandable.
    • Do not use words that offend and offend people.

    Thank You all.. (Çağrı DERE)