• In this page, you will see different kinds of applications and web2 tools that you can use in any part of the project. If you don't have enough information about apps and web2 tools, please scan the related documents. Don't hesitate to use different apps and tools in your projects. In addition, you can encourage your students to make them use different kinds of apps and tools. You can guide them in using these apps and tools.

  • Web2 Tools and Apps

    Turkish and English Online Courses

    You can find many different kinds of online courses to improve yourselves. After completing each courses, you will be awarded by a certificate. You can take all courses in that page.

    Google Map

    You can use this tool to share your hometow. In etwinning projects, all partners sign their schools in that tool and anyone can see the project partner's schools.


    It is a very useful web2 tool to create animated videos. You can create thematic videos with it. It is free to use.


    You can make your own online video, logo, animation and website. You will sign up and can use easily.


    You can create and publish interactive maps. You can use maps for presentations and analysis. You will have unlimited markers per map.


    It is a common digital online wall. You can especially embed this tool into your twinspace pages. You can also use it to form a project diary.


    You can create your own digital magazine abour your project activities by using this tool. You can also download your work in the PDF format.


    It is an useful tool to prepare project banners. It is a website that allows you to create your own thema by ready temlates or by your creativity.


    It is the most popular online poll tool of the world. It makes easier your surveys or polls about a clear opinion


    It is a social voting tool to get your partner's opinions about a subject. It can be also used for making poll.

    Google Form

    It is a tool of Google Drive to make surveys, to plan activities, to evaluate the activities and to gather opinions abour the subject from your partners or students.


    You can give your photos more effect with this tool. You can also download into your mobile phone.


    It is a simple web2 tool to brainstorm about a topic or get feedback. It is free and embedded.

    Poll Everywhere

    It is a wonderful tool to create your own poll.


    It is an useful tool and app for making your own logos, posters, banners and more.


    It is an useful phone application that you can edit your photos easily.


    It is very simple tool that make your own logos, posters, banners and more. It is partly free. It is also downloaded to your phone. You can easily make your works in a minute.


    You can add subtitles to your videos easily with this tool.


    It is a mobile phone application that is so easy to edit your photos.


    It is a tool and app that you can edit your photo easily.

    Photo & Picture Resizer

    It is a mobile phone application to make your photo resize again and again. It is very simple to use.

    Point Blur

    It is a mobile phone application that you can make people's faces or any parts in your photos.

    Adobe Connect

    It is a web2 tool and mobile phone application to make online meeting.


    It is a web2 tool and mobile phone application to edit your photos.


    You can create your own website and use during the project.


    you can prepare virtual exhibition with this web 2 tool.It is funny and easy to use