Project Story (Common Work)


    Common work of the LBS project

    The teacher who is responsible for this work is Mrs. Jelena Vukičević and Mrs. Antonia Petković.

    We will create a story as a common work. The story details;


    This task is addressed to the students – participants in the project. Their task is to write a paragraph of the story that will become a part of etwinning-book.

    The title ofthe story is ''AnAdventureThatNeverEnds''.

    The main hints:

    - Protagonists of the story are 4 teenagers (2 girls; Ann and Jane and 2 boys; Brian and Nick) who come from the USA and they are visiting Europe.

    - They are travelling and visiting towns included in the project LBS.

    - They are staying for 3 days in each town and the task of your pupils is to desribe their stay in your town, it may include the sightseeing, visit to a museum or a  gallery, night out or a dinnerin a restaurant.

    - The basic idea is to try to desribe their town in the best way they can by imersing the group of American children.

    - The name of the paragraph is going to be chosen by your students, and the story is supposed to be the prodact of their group work. 

    - The paragraph approximatelly should contain 200 to 350 words.

    The process:

    -The most important point of this study is to include our students. For a long time our schools are closed and we are trying to process our curriculum from our homes. We will carry out this joint story work as part of our curriculum.

    - A storybook template was created from the storyjumper app by me, Çağrı DERE. Each partner will continue the story by taking entrance permission to the app from me in order.

    The way I will follow in the process of creating a story is as follows:

    When it comes to me to continue the story, I will create an online lesson with my students. Before the lesson, I will inform my students about the work we will do and I will ask them for pictures about our village. When we start the lesson, we will first read the part of the story prepared so far with all the students. Then we will compose the story format and create our own story with all the students. We will select the photos taken by students and place them in our story. Afterwards, I will save the story we created to the application. I will inform the group members that I have finished my work and give my next partner a turn.

    Our story protagonists will depart from America. Therefore, it will be important for the integrity of the story to logically continue the travel routes. We will create our story in the following order:

    1. Karine Petillon Basse Terre, France
    2. Virginia Falcón González Corralejo, Spain
    3. Ana Isabel Merchán Leandro Torrent, Spain
    4. Jaume Murillo Catarroja, Spain
    5. Monica Domeniconi Ventimiglia (Im), Italy
    6. Ivana Jukić Štrbac Žrnovnica, Croatia
    7. Jelena Vukičević Šibenik, Croatia
    8. Antonia Petković Šibenik, Croatia
    9. Inese Ābola Saulkrastu novads, Latvia
    10. Viktoriya Chumachkina Mariupol, Ukraine
    11. Nicoleta Verman Mihail Kogalniceanu, Romania
    12. ÇAĞRI DERE Milas, Turkey
    13. Hayriye Küçük mersin, Turkey
    14. Yeliz Akdemir Alapli, Turkey
    15. Yetkin Dere Vakfıkebir, Turkey





  • The Process of Creating the Story

    IES La Marxadella (Torrent)

    My students worked together on a shared document in Google Classroom. They first decided what to talk about, and commented on the Classroom Stream so that anyone could read. Another day they all took part in a videoconference (due to COVID-19) held to write the story in a collaborative way using Google Meet.
    We all together decided the most interesting spots to visit in Valencia, the city of light, flowers and music... Our part of the story is amazing.
    We all wished we were one of those four American guys...
    Thanks to our dear English teacher Mª José Martínez for helping us with all the corrections.

    IES CORRALEJO (Fuerteventura-Spain)

    It has been a wonderful experience for my students in Fuerteventura. Due to COVID-19, we have been quarantined, locked up at home, for almost two months, and the idea of writing a common story with our project partners was really welcome.
    To introduce the activity, we join to a videoconference at Google Meet where we could read the beginning of the story written by the students from Guadaloupe, we worked in a collaborative way , agreeing the most characteristic and picturesque details that we wanted to reflect in our part of the story and writing a final versión by means of a shared document in Google Drive. Undoubtedly, this has been a catharsis experience for all in moments as hard as those we are having to live by the sea with confinement.

    OŠ Vrpolje, Antonia Petković and Jelena Vukičević

    We used whats up and MS Teams to make all the necessary preparations for creating the e-book- students immediately loved the idea of writing the story, or part of the story-they enjoyed this task a lot.

    OŠ Vrpolje, Antonia Petković and Jelena Vukičević

    They loved the idea of writing the story and were guided by their teachr and were handed over the plan of the book. If they had some questions their teachers were there to answer on them.

    OŠ Vrpolje, Antonia Petković and Jelena Vukičević

    They love group tasks and this was their favourite. The preparations and making of the e-book ''An Adventure that Never ends''

    Çağrı DERE/Kazikli Secondary School

    I organized an online meeting with my students in EBA.

    Çağrı DERE/Kazikli Secondary School

    We studied on our story. We talked about the place that our characters visit, the meal they eat an so on.

    Çağrı DERE/Kazikli Secondary School

    Going on writing our story.

    Yeliz AKDEMİR/Ahmet Zeki Atalay Secondary School

    We met on EBA and started to work on story.

    Yeliz AKDEMİR/Ahmet Zeki Atalay Secondary School

    We talked about the tourist attractions in Alaplı.

    Yeliz AKDEMİR/Ahmet Zeki Atalay Secondary School

    We talked about the meals..

    Yeliz AKDEMİR/Ahmet Zeki Atalay Secondary School

    We read the story one by one..

    Yeliz AKDEMİR/Ahmet Zeki Atalay Secondary School

    First we wrote then we read..

    Yetkin DERE / Vakfıkebir Atatürk Secondary School

    We met on EBA. We did brainstorming about our common work (story). We exchanged ideas about landmarks and dishes about our city, Trabzon.

    Yetkin DERE / Vakfıkebir Atatürk Secondary School

    We wrote our story on storyjumper based on our meeting with students.

    Hayriye KÜÇÜK/Şehit Öğretmen Hacı Ömer Serin Secondary School

    My students recommended that we should take our characters to lemon and orange gardens:)

    Hayriye KÜÇÜK/Şehit Öğretmen Hacı Ömer Serin Secondary School

    We talked and decided which landmarks of Erdemli should be in our story.We decided that we should take our visitors to Maiden Castle,Hell and Heaven Caves.

    Hayriye KÜÇÜK/Şehit Öğretmen Hacı Ömer Serin Secondary School

    After we finished writing of our story my students read it.They liked this work,storyjumper very much .Mee too:)