Project Timetable

  • Living by the sea


    Description: Our objective is to promote the taste for cooperation of our students and promoting our environmental and tourist heritage through appealing tourist attractions and illustrative of the richness and beauty of our cities or villages. We will bring out the richness and beauty of our hometowns with videos, photos and many descriptions.


    Language: English


    Subjects: languages, tourism, nature, environment,  social studies



    • Create descriptions of our hometwons
    • Promote a taste for creative writing
    • Promote your region using diversified tools
    • Bring out the pros and cons of living by the sea
    • Develop skills in the field of new technologies
    • Promote group work, developing social and work skills
    • Pay attention to social studies, for example collecting garbages, organizing a picnic, planting trees, biking along the sea and etc.


    Project time: From October 2019 to July 2020.


    Work process: We will do project activities according to the order below.


    1. activity group:

    • Introducing yourself and your school
    • Selecting the students who will take part in the project actively.
    • Describing the tasks.
    • Logo and slogans activities
    • Communcation ways; whatsapp, facebook or other social media.
    • Creating a survey about the Project
    • Creating project pages

    2. activity group:

    • Matching schools with each other and online meeting, webinars.
    • Collecting photos about your hometown by the sea. The photos will be published with etwinning logos and the students’ faces will be blurred. There will be small descriptions with the photos.

    3. activity group:

    • Bringing out the pros and cons of living by the seas. We will talk with the people living by the seas. We can make videos. In addition, we will take photos that will describe the pros and cons of living by the sea. We will also discover the economy of the people living by the sea.

    4. activity group:

    • Bringing out the traditions of your hometowns. We will take photos such as foods, meals, sea life, activities and etc.

    5. activity group:

    • Organizing an activity by the seas. We will make a cleaning-day organization, go fishingi biking along the sea or planting trees near the sea.

    6. activity group:

    • Writing a description of your hometown. It will contain your hometown photos and your pupils.
    • Creating an e-book about your hometown. We will promote our hometown’s attractions.
    • Creating a video that includes hometowns of all partners, describing their attractions.


    7. activity group:

    • Evaluation of the project
    • Self-evaluation project
    • Organizing a project day at your school or your hometown.


    Expected results:

    We will create an e-book about our hometown with a various of photos. Our pupils will be aware of other places that are similiar to themselves and make a comparison their hometown with others. This project will lead our pupils to use English in their studies.