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    Please share your any ideas about the project in the twinboard below.

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    Çağrı DERE

    Hello dear friends, I would like to prepare a funny activity. Our project ship is going to leave from Turkey and come to your hometown. Would you like to add your photo on the ship?

    Yeliz AKDEMİR/Ahmet Zeki Atalay Secondary School

    Hi,friends!We can create an avatar class on Pixton :) Would you like to join?

    Hayriye KÜÇÜK/Şehit Öğretmen Hacı Ömer Serin Secondary School

    Hi Dear friends,
    You know that all of us far away from school and I want to make a work with you and oıur students. It can be our collabrative workWhat about you preparing a virtual exhibitıon using our hometowns posters prepared by our students?