1. Webinar


    Please share your pictures, photos or videos about the first online meeting of teachers.

  • 1. Webinar of Teachers

    Çağrı DERE/Kazikli Secondary School

    We made our first online meeting with the participation of all partners. Thank you dear all partners with your this great coordination and cooperation. I am really happy to meet and carry out this project with you all ;) I am really lucky coordinator ;)

    Karine Pétillon, Pensionnat de Versailles Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe

    Our first webinar was such a wonderful and memorable experience!
    Thank you to my new friends. Everybody looked happy!
    I am very cheerful to be a member of this group, for me, for my students. It is so enriching for each of us.
    All living by the sea, so far away but so close thanks to this great Etwinning project. With Oceans, Languages and friendhip we feel at home everywhere in the world!

    Yeliz AKDEMİR/Ahmet Zeki Atalay Secondary School

    With all partners,we made our first online meeting..It was really a great experience for me..Although we met each other for the first time it seemed as if we knew each other long ago.Thank to my all friends for their sincerity.I feel very happy to work with you.Nice to meet you all.I believe we carry out a qualified project together.

    Virginia Falcón González - IES Corralejo (Spain)

    Last Tuesday 10th Dec we made our first webinar (online meeting) where all the teachers from the eight countries participating in our project met and shared our first impressions about the experience of working in our eTwinning project. It was and amazing experience we'd like to repeat soon. For sure, we are a great team!

    Yetkin DERE / Vakfıkebir Atatürk Secondary School

    We had our first meeting. It was a great experience for me. I'm very happy to meet all the teachers. I hope we'll carry out an amazing project together.

    Hayriye KÜÇÜK /Şehit Öğretmen Hacı Ömer Serin Secondary school

    Participatıon with all partners we made our first meeting webinar.It was really agreat experience for me .It was very exciting being together partners from very very far away.I was very happy and lucky being in this project.Thank you our coordinater Mr. Çağrı and Etwinning.

    Viktoriya Chumachkina, Mariupol specialized school №4

    Our first webinar was informative and interesting.We discussed many important questions connected with the project.