A KA1 project about CLIL and innovation in the curriculum through teamwork and collaborative tasks amongst European schools. The cooperative activities are aimed to implement ICT, foreign languages, multiple intelligences and learning to learn techniques.

Italian Job shadowing at Ceip San Miguel-Armilla

Silvana and Laura from DD PInerolo IV Circolo (ITALY)  have been in Armilla for an Erasmus plus KA1 job shadowing experience from 14th to 19th October 2014. The main aims of the job shadowing were to observe how bilingual education and  ICT (tablets) are integrated into the curriculum in order to implement CLIL activities and ICT skills.

During the job shadowing experience, Silvana and Laura have also worked in some classes to run CLIL activties related to Italian food culture (pizza and Italian breakfast). Below are some of the materials that have been used to enhance creative thinking and development of higher thinking skills.



Author: Silvana Rampone
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