A KA1 project about CLIL and innovation in the curriculum through teamwork and collaborative tasks amongst European schools. The cooperative activities are aimed to implement ICT, foreign languages, multiple intelligences and learning to learn techniques.

My snack at home...YUMMY

Task 1: What do you have for snack at home? Survey between  Italy and Spain.



1st grade students from San Miguel school - Armilla - have done some drawings about their snacks at school. Now you just have to colour it and share it in your corner.


Students from class 2 from Roletto school have coloured  snacks from Armilla school.Have a look!


CLASS 2 students from Roletto school have prepared drawings for Armilla school to be coloured..


Here we are going to show your the photos about the last activity finished. ARMILLA SCHOOL.



Author: Silvana Rampone
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