KA1 Partner Institutes


    San Miguel Primary School is located in the metropolitan town of Armilla, in the heart of the Vega of Granada, about three kilometers from Granada’s city center. Armilla has got natural surroundings, including the Sierra Nevada and the Genil River.

    Our school centre teaches Preschool Education and Primary School Education, with 507 students and approximately 31 teachers. Most of our centre is equipped with digital blackboards and some grades have got laptops, boosting ICT development within the Educative Community. The school disposes of early morning service for our students, a canteen and afterschool extracurricular activities. The number of immigrant residents in the province of Granada has been increasing since 2009, especially from China, Morocco, Romany and Latin America, which is directly reflected in the schools of Armilla and in which our school attends to, offering educational integration programs. Including students with educative needs, such as learning problems, is a priority for us. Due to this fact, San Miguel is one of the few centers which provide a special autism classroom, in which a specific program attends to students with such characteristics. The socio-economic level of the families of the center is middle to low class, in which the parents possess basic obligatory studies. We also deal with family situations of divorce, which we deal with from an educational approach with our students.

    Our history in the European panorama began in 2006, with our participation in different eTwinning and multilateral Comenius projects, which have contributed to develop our school bilingual project.

    THIS IS OUR COLLABORATIVE BILINGUAL BLOG: http://schoolsanmiguel.blogspot.com.es/

    2. DDS IV CIRCOLO DI PINEROLO -  Primary schools: "F.Parri" in Pinerolo and "G. Rodari" in Roletto. ITALIA.

    We are two schools within Direzione Didattica Pinerolo IV Circolo (school district): F.Parri school has got about 200 students and G.Rodari school has got 86.  Two classes are starting a special national project called 2.0 that implies students to be equipped with tablets and their classrooms with IWB and other devices. The school in Roletto has  a long tradition of CLIL projects (since 2000) and eTwinning projects (2 National Quality Labels + European ones); they also won a National price for best practice in European projects. The main school, F.Parri, hosts a multicultural library with books in more than 80 different languages and it is open to the local community where there is a big community of Romanians.  Including students with educative needs, such as learning problems, is a priority also for our school. The website of our School District is: www.dd4pinerolo.gov.it and we have two clil websites: www.eclil4you.weebly.it  and www.letsclil.weebly.com (where contributions from European teachers re welcomed).

    Here is a video about Italy, Torino (that's 35 km away from our town) and our towns that are at the foot of the West Alps, on the border with France.