A KA1 project about CLIL and innovation in the curriculum through teamwork and collaborative tasks amongst European schools. The cooperative activities are aimed to implement ICT, foreign languages, multiple intelligences and learning to learn techniques.

Dissemination of the project


The educational newspaper for educators posted the news about our work with tablets. 

You can read all the article using Google Translator in "Experiencia en el uso del aula con tabletas"


'Tasty CLIL 2.0, un proyecto ABP a través de eTwinning' by the Spanish newspaper 'Ideal en Clase'

Training courses for teachers in CLIL and methodology at the CEP of Guadix / Granada and the University of Granada.

Move on: Global connections. Blogging and collaborative environments

Project in evidence on the portal of the National Support Service for eTwinning: http://www.etwinning.es/es/proyectos/proyectos-destacados/991-tasty-clil-20


2. In Italy the project has been disseminated during:

- collegio docenti - teacher meetings - and "classes 2.0" meetings

- training courses for primary teachers of English

- trainees who attended lessons at our primary schools

- the seminar for the 10th Anniversary of eTwinning in Ivrea (TO) 

- the prize ceremony in which Rodari primary school was given a prize by the local newspaper "Eco del Chisone" for use of New technologies for the video "TG Roletto"


- Erasmus plus KA1 blog and monitoring reports

- Yummy 2015 - website created by our Direzione Didattica to collects experiences from a net of local schools for Expo 2015 and that  has been seleceted to be presented ad Expo on 18th October 2015: http://yummy2015.weebly.com/



- Kick off Erasmus Ka1 - Venice 2015 - by the National Agency as good example of use of etwinning within KA1


Author: Carmen Yolanda Egea Bernet
Last editor: Silvana Rampone