A KA1 project about CLIL and innovation in the curriculum through teamwork and collaborative tasks amongst European schools. The cooperative activities are aimed to implement ICT, foreign languages, multiple intelligences and learning to learn techniques.

Project Journal

  • Dear all, I think the project process has been great even if the activities were quite simple and linear. I think that innovation in this project is represented by the focus that has been put on the students as actors of the learning process through the use of tablets, apps and web 2.0 tools
    - Posted by Silvana Rampone, 13.06.2015

  • Dear colleagues, I'm very satisfied with the results of my first experience of E_twinning. I think that the cooking activities proposed were much appreciated by the children. They liked not only the preparation but also the tasting! I hope to do something so interesting the next year! Happy Holidays to everybody!
    - Posted by isabella palazzo, 10.06.2015

  • Hello everybody, the lasts cooking activity have been very exciting and funny too!
    But during the final assestement I could see that my students loved also the presentation with the glogster app!

    - Posted by Laura Filliol, 07.06.2015

  • It has been a great experience. The project is finished with fantastic activities. Thanks everyone. Have a good summer!!!
    - Posted by carmen esther ruiz martínez, 03.06.2015

  • Hello, everyone...the project is finished unfortunately...I have re-organised some pages...remember to fill in the questionnaires and apply for the Label!!!!!
    - Posted by Silvana Rampone, 01.06.2015