Let's make the recipes from our partners

  • Task 4: now it's your turn to make the snacks shared by the partners and document the experience....let's have fun in cooking and tasting! Share your ideas!

    STUDENTS FROM ROLETTO SCHOOL - IT- Hello, we have cooked the recipes from our Spanish friends.....they were all excellent and our favurite one was  "OLIVE OIL TOASTS WITH SUGAR". We think some are healthier because they don't have much fat but all balanced in nutrients. It's important not to have cream too often.




    Students from Armilla - Spain - have also prepared the snacks by the Italian classmates from Roletto school:  PEARS WITH CHEESE. Yummy!


    and here they are  making a great Italian recipe- Fruit skewers- great for spring and summer time!


    Comments by the Italian friends: it's very nice to see how you have interpreted and made our recipes. It's important to sprinkle the pears with lemon and put the cheese on the pear slices in order to prevent them to become dark. Also do not forget to put cinnamon in the yogurt as the taste is super!!!!!!

    STUDENTS FROM ROLETTO SCHOOL - IT- Hello, we have chosen the  HEALTHIEST recipe shared by our Italian friends (Parri school) - the Italian flags - and shared some photos with our national anthem as background


    Italy- Parri students  liked to make and taste the Spanish breakfast with orange juice and toast


    Italy-  Parri students also prepared strawberry milkshake with the Spanish partners' recipe