HEALTHY SNACKS - cooperative recipes

  • TASK 3: Each class prepares a recipe for a healthy snack and shares a short video  with the partners who will have to make the recipe, share it and comments  in the twinspace


    ITALY - ROLETTO: Students have performed a "Master chef" competition in order to choose the recipe to be shared. In the following video you can see little chefs making two recipes. It's up to you to choose the one you prefer even if it is not the winning one. We hope you like them! But find out the procedures to make the snacks by playing the sequencing game and forgive our spelling mistakes!




    San Miguel school from Armilla (Spain)

    has prepared  delicious snacks in the classroom. Tasty!

    This is a summary of all the Spanish snacks the children have prepared for our European friends.

    1. Spanish breakfast: Delicious orange juice and a toast with ham and olive oil. Are you hungry?

    2. Why not? This team has focus the snack on Fruit salad and delicious cream!

    ITALY - PARRI students are sharing two recipes in a fun snack race..

    which one do you like best?



    Italy - Parri students propose a healthy fruit salad

    Italy - Parri students  propose tuna mousse and ham mousse




    Ham mousse snack from Laura Filliol on Vimeo.