EPISODE 3 (Teachers' training event)

  • Six teachers gathered in Brussels to refresh their understanding of blended learning and technology in the foreign language classroom. The participants visited the European Parliament and planned for the two upcoming student exchanges. Most importantly, this event inspired the participants to continue their collaboration despite COVID-19 restrictions.

    Our sessions were on society, culture, and democracy, along with human rights and the rule of law. We then looked into two reusable pedagogical resources comprising the materials for before exchange activities. Finally, Camilla trained us on eTwinning and presented some good examples.

    The cultural programme took us to different places related to Belgian culture and history, but the most memorable place was surely the Magritte museum. 

    Episode III wouldn’t have happened if we hadn’t been welcomed at South Denmark European Office. Many thanks to Jens Bøgetoft Christensen for his kind words, and Mathilde, for taking care of us. Also, without Jenny, we would have been completely lost – Danke vielmals!