EPISODE 2 (Student exchange in Spain)

  • 36 students and 10 teachers spent 5 days together to improve their English skills, create new content on human dignity, become more knowledgeable of ICT, and raise everyone’s intercultural awareness.

    The most important external text of the exchange was the 2017 American comedy-drama film Wonder. The participants produced 30 film reviews and 3 rounds of a value-based debate on human dignity. They also covered such topics as self-esteem, gender equality, cyber-bullying and e-safety.  

    We learned about the Spanish language and culture and spent a day out in Valencia and the Albufera. We had it all – hard work and tons of laughter; sunshine and gusty winds. Quite naturally, our young Belgians, Danes, Estonians, Germans and Spaniards made lifelong friends, and our teachers reaffirmed th​​​​​​​eir partnership.


    We couldn’t have done it without the hosting families, who kindly took care of our students, and we really want to thank C.A. Rivas Luna for having us.

    A video by Camilla Hoeljund Hansen