• The external text of the exchange was the 2017 American comedy-drama film Wonder, and the task-based texts were students’ film reviews, partner schools’ precepts and 3 sets of value-based debate on human dignity in the light of European migration crisis.

    Altogether 12 sessions were held, and the following agenda items were covered:

    1. Presenting partner schools’ precepts
    2. Presenting partner schools’ curricula and everyday practices
    3. Learning about the Spanish language and culture
    4. Shooting video-clips on gender equality

    Language with film

    1. Discussing students’ film reviews in transnational groups
    2. Taking a film quiz

    Content with language

    1. Preparing for and participating in a value-based debate

    Social activities

    1. Playing sports
    2. Drawing pictures
    3. Going photo-hunting

    The instructor-compiled and/or –generated texts (content resources)

    1. E-safety
    2. Cyber bullying
    3. Gender equality
    4. Self-esteem
    5. E-portfolios


    1. Evaluation