• The exchange focused on a 2005 British black comedy film Keeping Mum (external text), and a TED talk, “Our democracy no longer represents the people” (task-based text). 

    Altogether 12 sessions were held, and the following agenda items were covered:

    1. Belgian cultures and languages
    2. The EU: history, institutions, developments, and values
    3. A Robert Schuman tour

    Language with film

    1. Group discussions on the film of the exchange
    2. Group discussions on filmmaking and blog posts on film literacy learning experience

    Content with language

    1. Group discussions on the EU
    2. Group discussions and blog posts on democracy

    Social activities

    1. Teambuilding
    2. Photo-hunting

    The instructor-compiled and/or –generated texts (content resources)

    1. Refugees as small entrepreneurs
    2. Robert Schuman legacy
    3. Europass