In atelier of Grzegorz Chudy! The place where Beboks are born...

  • After first emotions and pressure of Rescue Mission got lower, Bees noticed that the place they stay is unique...

    Waterpaintings were all around walls. Some of them were familiar to Bees. 

    Bees could also recognize a person that was among them.
    Can you?

    Yes, that's him! It's Grzegorz Chudy! Our project artist!

    Grzegorz answered questions that Bees always wanted to ask but never thought that opportunity would come.

    That's how they got to know whom Grzegorz Chudy wanted to be as a child, when started painting, why use a baloon on his work, and even which paintings are his favourite one!

    Bees even got the fast workshop of painting baloons!

    And of course we could not leave the place without family picture!

    Thank you, Grzegorz Chudy,
    for being our inspiration
    for a patronage above Bees and their artwork
    for the agreement to use your paintings in a project

    and for this exceptional meeting in your atelier;)

    Hope to meet you again!

    Bees and teachers.