Naturally Spain by Bees

  • Bees become Miro artists

    How we painted Miro with Nature

    Here you can see the gallery of pictures showing the process of painting Miro art by natural items we did with Bees. Children collected natural material outdoors and indoors and then build three copies of "The Birth of a Day" piece of art.

    "I found this!" by Martyna
    "We need some sticks" Natan said
    "And more sticks..." found by Martyna and Artur
    "Bigger and smaller ones" collected by Kuba
    "Wood with a path of insects" added to collection
    "Stones can pretend to be dots!"
    Work in pairs - discussion in progress
    Two point of views and an agreement, uffff!
    Of course sticks. Power in hands.
    Team building brings us an art building
    Last details and here it is!
    Detailed work.
    Miro's mark and now it's done.
    Looking at art through Miro eyes

    Children got a Miro kaleidoscope (the one bought in his museum in Barcelona) to look at their work. What a magic!

    Magic eyes and our classroom view
    Multiplied Beauty
  • Interpretation of Miro's painting made with natural material.


    Model 1
    by Martyna, Natan, Adaś, Hania B., Maks


    Model 2
    by Alan Mi, Maciek, Dominika, Hania W., Staś


    Model 3
    by Ania, Alan Ma., Artur, Mikołaj, Kuba


    How did you find them? We simply love them!