• As the final project task we decided to make a Common Nature Art.

    Within this challenge children made their own piece of art using elements from three paintings with addition to Nature. When they were ready, pictures were divided into three parts and sent to our partners for the International Project Art Gallery.

    Here you can see these amazing paintings after they reached their destinations and were joined all together.

    SPANISH masterpiece:

    POLISH masterpiece:

    ITALIAN masterpiece:

    Below you can see the process of creating the International Project Art Gallery:

  • Project gallery appears.

    Searching for compromise

    That's not an easy job to discuss the content of a group painting... (PL)

    The hardest work is to start

    The first step is done. Now we can fly with imagination. (PL)

    Let's plant a tree.

    Here on paper, but also so much important. (PL)

    Let's go to the castle!

    There is a special train to Ferrara castle... (PL)

    We need a cat!

    Drawing a cat is a kind of art. (PL)

    Box is hidden

    Somewhere there is a Chirico box hidden from Muses eyes. (PL)

    Italian piece of art

    It's Italian painting before sending to partner schools.

    Polish piece of art

    That is the painting made by Bees before its' travel to Italy and Spain.