Bebok in the Wood

  • Can you remember the black creature sitting on the top of the tower on the painting of Grzegorz Chudy?
    Weren't you wondering what it is?
    Some of you thought its a monkey, or a black panther. Not exactly...

    There are some other paintings made by Grzegorz Chudy showing that creature.

    "The shadow of the bebok" (Grzegorz Chudy)

    "Fly me to the moon by bebok" (Grzegorz Chudy)

    "Landszaft z nisko furgajoncom heksom" (Grzegorz Chudy)


    "Koncert solowy na cyja i beboka" (Grzegorz Chudy)

    We call this creature BEBOK.
    He is well known in Silesia (the region of Poland we live in).
    Our grandparents know him from their childhood time, because everytime they were naughty, adults were making them scared of bad powerful Bebok. They believed to be kidnapped or eaten by Bebok when they are caught red-handed on being naughty or breaking rules.

    Nowadays we are not afraid of him, but believe that inside of his heart Bebok is good (at least until someone behaves badly).
    Look at the first painting on the top of the page. Bebok can be both sweet and scary. That depends on what WE do and what He sees.


    And believe us or not, but today Bees met him face to face. In the Woods!

    That is how it happened...

    Bees were walking the wood observing animals and first changes in nature while spring time. Suddenly, They noticed something black sitting on the big root. That was...

    Kids started to wonder where he came from and why he is observing the wood. Some of children said he is a sheriiff of the wood, guarding animals from wirers. That's because of stars they noticed on his trousers. Other children thought it is a nappy, but certainly not! Bebok does not wear nappies!

    We discussed what Bebok likes and doesn't like to see in a forest. What behavior makes him proud of children (to stay sweet and nice for them) and what makes him angry (to be scared of).

    As Bees behaves well in the woods, they were not afraid of Bebok and wanted to hug him one by one, so they were doing for a loooong time;)

    As pre-school teachers are prepared for sudden situations, they proposed Bees a Wood Art task. Children were asked to draw a picture of situation that Bebok likes to see in his forest.

    Children discussed that to be:

    - enjoable play while visiting forest;

    - making observations of nature;

    - keeping the silence which is good and comfortable for animals;

    - collecting the rubbish that other people throw in the forest.

    So there came the time for Art. Children chose up sides and their art table which was a tree-trunk, of course.

    Children discussed the content they want on paintings and drew together. What a great view it was!

    Soon a Wood Gallery of Art was opened. Guided by Bebok...

    You can visit the Galery below. And meet all artists there as well!

  • Wood Gallery of Art

    We play in the forest

    by Alan, Martyna, Hania, Hania and Lena

    We observe animals and nature

    by Dominika, Maksym, Maciek, Kuba and Adam

    We collect rubbish

    by Staś, Alan, Natan and Mikołaj

    We keep the silence in the forest

    by Bartek, Artur, Gosia and Adam