Water colour painting by Grzegorz Chudy (POLAND)

  • The painting Bees chose for the project activities is a water colour painting made by regional (but worldwide known) artist - Grzegorz Chudy.

    It's one of his work from the album called "Pictures from the Black Garden", called "Szczylanie do beboka".

    Be ready for mysterious adventures!

    Counterfeiters or facsimile copy makers?

    Children wanted to try water colour technique of painting.
    They worked hard and passionately to make their own version of the masterpiece. Look how they managed!

  • Gallery of watercolour painting activity

    Adam and Hania concentrated
    Martyna likes to work standing
    Look how detailed work it is, by Hania
    Lena and her version for the black cat
    Hania wants her tower to be more green
    Natan does the sky around the moon
    Thinking about the balance between paint and water
    The cat by Adam
    What colour is the moon?