Naturally Poland by Bees

  • Bees painting with Nature

    Bees building the painting

    Here you can see children of Bees while buiding the natural model of Polish painting. This task was done in four teams so then the four constructions were built within the activity.

    Team collaboration
    Let's build the tower first!
    Moon under kid's hands
    Here is a boy!
    Imaginative tree
    We also have a Moon here!
    Plant the forest in a second.
    Can you see the baloon?
    Don't forget the cat!
  • Four natural interpretations of the painting:

    Model 1
    by Staś, Kuba, Sebastian, Maciek, Martyna

    Model 2
    by Lena, Alan, Mikołaj, Ania

    Model 3
    by Artur, Adam, Natan, Dominika

    Model 4
    by Hania, Hania, Adam, Alan

    How do you like them?