Bees decided (Poland)

  • That is not easy to choose one painting among many which was made in Poland from past centuries to present time.

    With a help of our teachers, Natalia and Ania, we stopped on the art work of Gregorz Chudy - a watercolour artist, living in our region.
    He paints landscapes of Silesia - the region of Poland we live in, and put many cultural issues into his work.

    Some of them are really funny. And we noticed that there is a baloon on almost all his paintings.

    We were browsing the internet to discover more work of our artist. Finally, among some printed paintings, we chose the one, by voting. Everyone, including teachers had one wooden stick as a vote to put on chosen painting.

    What tension it was in the classroom before the unveiling of final result!

    And here it is:

    Decision taken.