Bees - from de Chirico art to sculptures

  • How Bees became statue makers...

    Clay in our hands

    That was necessary to knead a clay first...

    Work in teams

    Divided themselves into teams children started to carve elements from the painting. Here you can see a factory in progress.

    Sitting Muse

    Two teams were working with this Muse - one for her figure, and the other one for her sitting.

    Trying brings solutions

    Children were trying various techniques and equipment to make the look like in the painting.

    Proffessional work!

    No doubt it is.

    Now I can see...

    Maksym gives the muse a colourful head

    What concentration means

    Lena while painting the sitting muse together with Martyna

    Detailed work

    We need an original to make a real copy of a ... box

    Princesses and a tower

    Tower is the item two Hannas wanted to work on

    Everything has its place in the picture

    Maciek and his copy of a bollard

    Ferrara`s castle

    It looks even more pretty than in the painting;)

    Bowed down by the castle

    Girls and their castle work, collaboration itself.

    Factory and two towers

    Kuba and Adam worked their best for the factory sculpture.

  • You can see the final result and the natural scene of muses in "Naturally Itally by Bees" subpage.