Theoretical + Art tasks

  • Theoretical + Art tasks - anatomy precision in modern sketching 

    Task 1. Students have to describe hand’s or heart’s anatomy focusing on the vocabulary (the names of bones, muscles, nerves and joints in the human hand).using the website genially 

    Task 2. Drawing or using a digital sketch program students have to model the hand's or the heart’s structure or make an art interpretation of the hand given the information gathered in task 1.

    Task 3. What can you find about this in the Leonardo Codes ? Students have to compare the info they learnt in the Leonardo Codes with their own model producing presentations or just drawing a copy of Leonardo’s version.

    Task 4.  How does the hand or the heart work? Looking at your Physics book and/or asking your Physics teacher, explain the physics rules we need to catch an object or to pump the blood (You can use also the following links : ...) 

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