Leonardo da Vinci - The Anatomist

  • Leonardo da Vinci became an expert in the anatomy of the human body, studying it in detail and creating hundreds of drawings to help explain his thoughts.

    According to the STEAM perspective you have to work on Leonardo the anatomist looking for how the body anatomy works. You have to prove that Science Technology Physics Engineering Arts and Maths are necessary to explain how the body functions.

    Referring to the areas below each international group has to choose one task and work in the forum to achieve the aim(s).

    Go to the subpage 1 or 2 to know the task

    1. Theoretical + Art tasks - anatomy precision in modern sketching


    2. Practical tasks - modelling 

    • you have to work in international groups choosing one or two tasks
    • go to the chosen area and add your name under the column into the padlet to choose the team or the bottega you are cooperating with.

    Tutorial How To Work On Task 1 (and the rest of the theoretical tasks): LINK