Leonardo and his times

  • The Renaissance was a period of time in European history when a lot of new ideas in science, technology, art, and philosophy were explored or discovered. The word Renaissance actually means 'rebirth,' and the period was named it because so many new ideas were happening, it was like the European culture was being recreated! 
    The Renaissance period lasted from about 1300 to 1600, but there are a lot of other names given to eras that overlapped this amazing time, too. You might hear names like the Age of Discovery, the Reformation, or the Age of Exploration. 
    The Renaissance happened because of a few key events. It started in Italy, which was a major center for money, trade, and culture because many of the world's trade routes met up there. The Renaissance got its start in Italy, but the exciting new ideas traveled quickly, inspiring others all over Europe.

    A timeline of the Leonardo’s da Vinci life was designed collaboratively using an online application.

    The aim of the activity was to collaborate effectively using different online applications in order to achieve a common goal. Every partner designed a part of Leo’s lifespan and, like pieces of puzzles, the final product was a team work effort relying on all partners’ contribution.