"STEAM to peer" innovative methodologies

  • Open Door Day in Leonardo's workshops 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci death

    The Erasmus+ Project STEAM like Leonardo was presented during The Open Door Day at Polish school and celebrated 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci death. The students took the future students for wonderful journey to the Leonardo’s times. The future students visited eight Bottegas completing tasks about Leonardo’s life and work.

    Firstly, they picked up some basic information about his life watching the animated video and filled the gaps In the worksheet. Later they observed his 3D inventions  using Virtual Exhibition Application.

    Also visitors could try building origami Platonic solids and see them using AR tool. Another task was to make a self supporting bridge with no mechanical fasteners or adhesives based on one of Leonardo Da Vinci's designs.

    In Anatomy Bottegas student checked  if they were Vitruvian men an studied circulatory system using Virtuali -Tee Application. 

    In Art Bottega like Leonardo, students  prepared their own  tempera paint with natural ingredients which they used to paint pieces of Mona Lisa picture. 

    Each student who completed all tasks received the prize and title to be a Leonardo expert. 

    Italian students showing the film about Leonardo to other classes and explain the project STEAM like Leonardo.

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