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  • Spaceadhyaan is an educational organization related to astronomical and spacesciences for school students in the form of hobby clubs.
    Spaceadhyaan main aim is to promote astronomy - mother of  science by all means and we are very successful in achieving this mission as we are associated with around 100 schools of hyderabad and thereby educating 2000 students in twin cities to become future scientists and astronomers.
    Spaceadhyaan also allows it students to take part in national wide competitions like olympiad,essay writing and international projects like ISS Earthkam, project Prathibimb etc.,
    Spaceadhyaan really takes pride in announcing that it had associated with government Organization -ISRO(Indian Space Research Organisation) and celebrated extravagantly World space week program for 2days in hyderabad.As a part of this celebrations,many school and college students, general public visited the exhibits,models displayed by ISRO, Spaceadhyaan and took part in quiz,drawing competitions that were organised for school students.


    Conducted zero shadow day for Space Club Students, Kids were very enthusiastic as they proactively took part in it. They were surprised with the whole concept of zero shadow .kids were very happy that they learned a new thing.

    On 9th May 2018,At 12:12PM,When the sun is at Zenith position for about a minute or two, people in Hyderabad experienced the zero shadow on this zero shadow day. Zero shadow can be experienced by any place when their latitudes equal the angle between Sun location and equator. Zero Shadow day can happen only in the places between tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn. When the sun moves southwards, Hyderabad will experience one more ZSD on August 3,2018 this year.  ZSD being the most important event for Spaceadhyaan,An public awareness event has been conducted for students and public by observing the shadows of objects like globe and erected pipes etc. Since this month being a vacation time, only few students and general public participated in the event organized. Students enjoyed watching Sun with the help of solar filters / solar view goggles.

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