Inclusive Education

  • Eratosthenes project contributes to addressing the educational challenges of today.    

    • Overcome geographical obstacles    
    • Enhance intercultural understanding    
    • Deal with educational challenges

    The 3 most active schools realized 52% (305/586) of 2018 measurements.     

    Cenom is a philanthropic institution. Its mission is to educate, enable and / or rehabilitate children and young people with disabilities, aiming at their inclusion in society with the effective participation of the family. The organization provides services in the areas of early stimulation, special education, professional workshops, specialized therapy (speech therapy, psychology, physiotherapy and neurology) and specialized audiology. We attend children and young people with intellectual or hearing disabilities in their peculiar and special condition of development at all levels (intellectual, emotional, sensorial and motor) in order to integrate them productively into the social environment, effectively, respecting their limitations and having as a flag the deconstruction of the stigma of differences.

    Our school unit is a department within the hospital recovering, called Sanatorium balneary Children, BUSTENI, Jud. Prahova, Romania. Our town is located in a beautiful mountain resort, 130 km from the capital, Bucharest. In hospitalized, children suffering from chronic diseases (asthma, chronic bronchitis, kyphosis, lordosis, or scoliosis tetraparesis spastic, ect.), aged between 3 and 16 years, boys and girls coming from villages across the country. There are on average 100 children hospitalized, but most are homebound. During hospitalization, not accumulate gaps in knowledge, students are schooled. Most are abandoned in special centers for children or family placement, but many are also sick and orphans. Health problems does not prevent children fetched to participate enthusiastically in projects or extracurricular activities. Teachers are constantly with students, support them, encourage them. This helps children heal faster and be optimistic, easier to overcome problems facing small. The school has eight classrooms, a laboratory of physics and chemistry, IT laboratory. The movable students are accommodated in villas located in the courtyard and lunch at the sanatorium. The involvement of sponsors, was arranged and a kids' club where they can play when there are favorable conditions outdoors and where children prepared performances take place on several occasions. Students are admitted to hospital homebound separately located approximately 1km away from school. Teachers work with them individually, directly at the bedside, in the voluntary program. Eratosthenes project has sparked interest and engage each time with great pleasure.

    The eTwinning club of the college welcomes a dozen volunteer students during the meridian break. It is a group that includes students with disabilities like dyslexia, Attention Deficit  (Hyperactive) Disorders, (ADD and ADHD), Asperger’s Syndrome (AS), and various degrees  of reading and learning difficulties