Eratosthenes Kindergarten

  • 3 kindergartens in Greece, Romania and Argentina

    September equinox measurements

    March equinox measurements

    Eratosthenes in 1st  Kindergarten of Pylos (Greece) 

    Since 2015, 24 students aged 4-6 years old of the 1st  Kindergarten of Pylos are participating to the Eratosthenes project.

    The school is located in the southern part of Greece, Messinia in the charming and historic Pylos of King Nestor.

    The students experiment by themselves about sources of light, the rectilinear propagation of light and the formation of shadows.


    They use their observations to make a shadow theatre


    and a maquette of the solar system

    Like all the students of the project, they can experiment in the courtyard, observing apparent movement of the sun from east to west during the day and the solar noon when the shadow is the shortest and the sun at its higher point.

    The students are proud to learn that those observations are related to the oldest scientific experiment made by a Greek scientist 2200 years ago.

    Of course, no question of algebric calculations or geometry constuctions for students of this age.

    Eratosthenes in Villa Del Prado ARGENTINA

    Thus was born the project and taking children naturally show a fascination and curiosity about the moon, stars, spaceships and everything that has to do with the Universe. It is also found in their immediate environment as both the sun and the moon are characters that appear every day in their lives.
    Although the subject is particularly complex to be understood by children, it can carry out an approach to the key ideas of time and space; motion and regularity, as well as significant influence in all of us. How well the fact of participating in a worldwide project.


    Drawing and measuring shadows

    Eratosthenes in Râmnicu Vâlcea ROMANIA




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