Hyderabad INDIA

  • On Day 3 of SpaceCentennial,Students became Eratosthenes..! Yes..it's true !! Children repeated the experiment of eratosthenes to find out the circumference of earth.Eratosthenes,a greek mathematician and astronomer is the first person to calculate the circumference of earth.
    Students took part in the experiment to find out the shortest shadow of the small iron stick which casted on the paper setup.The experiment was carried out for about an hour where children marked the shadows for every five minutes.Using the shortest shadow length,Educators explained how they obtain the sun angle and thereby getting the result to be 40000KMS.Students actively took part and were really happy when their result matches with that of Eratosthenes.


    Hyderabad experienced 'Zero Shadow Day' on 9th May 2019,At 12:12PM,When the sun is at Zenith position for about a minute or two,people in hyderabad experienced the zero shadow.

    Zero shadow can be experienced by any place when their latitudes equals the angle between Sun location and equator. 

    Zero Shadow day can happen only in the places between tropic of cancer and tropic of capricorn. 

    Today's zero shadow is observed when the sun is moving northwards towards tropic of cancer and When the sun moves southwards towards tropic of capricorn Hyderabad will experience one more ZSD on August 3,2018 this year. 

    ZSD being the most important event for Spaceadhyaan,An public awareness event has been conducted for students and public by observing the shadows of different objects like globe and erected items like waterbottle.

    Students and Public were present in large numbers at NTR Stadium,to attend this outreach event and they were given demonstration and explanation by spaceadhyaan team by exhibiting various things etc.,

    Few Students from Other cities like Vijayawada and Rajahmundry also visited hyderabad specially to attend in this unique event. Participants also got an amazing opportunity to observe sun through high-end telescopes with safety filters.They were also provided with solar view goggles to observe the sun and thereby explained the safety measure to observe the sun.All of our participants thoroughly enjoyed and got excited with this kind of event.