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  • Spaceadhyaan celebrated the Astronomical Phenomenon ‘Zero Shadow Day’ which will be observed on May 9, 2020 within the confines of homes by our team & various students during this Covid- 19 lockdown. On this day the latitude of Hyderabad equals the declination of the sun, the sun’s rays are perpendicular on the latitude. Exactly at noon, the sun is right overhead, and the shadow of a vertical object falls right below.

    In Hyderabad, the latitude is 17.38 degrees.

    On this day, the sun’s declination(the angle of the sun’s rays falling on the equator)would be 17.38 degrees, and since the region is inclined at the same angle with respect to the equator, the sun’s rays would fall perpendicular at noon, in Hyderabad, around 12.12 PM IST. People in Hyderabad will see their shadows disappear for few moments.

    Zero shadow happens twice a year, once during the sun’s Uttarayan (northward journey) and the other during Dakshinayan (the journey back). So the event will repeat this year on August 3.

    On the Zero Shadow Day, at the designated time, any vertical object, including our own body, will not cast a shadow. The phenomenon will be visible from any place lying between the ‘Tropic of Cancer’ and ‘Tropic of Capricorn’, i.e. located between 23.5 degrees north and 23.5 degrees south.

    9th May experiment with the participation of 16 schools:


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