13 June 2018 (Bhuj)

  • Bhuj

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    Generally we say, that our shadow is most reliable companion. It never leaves our side. But it’s not true always. For places between to tropic of Cancer to tropic of Capricorn, the “Zero Shadow Day” phenomenon occurs twice in a year. it takes place when the sun is at a 90- degree angle to the Earth’s surface or when the sun is just overhead. This moment makes the person’s or any object's shadow completely disappear for few minutes. Wonderful isn’t it? Here, Lecture about this thing made simple to understand is to show you that phenomenon happening in Bhuj by Team Stargazing India.

    It is a real sunny day with no visible shadow at noon.
    You can see the shadow of Narendra filming the scene with his phone at the end of the video

    આવતી કાલે બનશે અનોખી વૈજ્ઞાનિક ઘટનાઃ પડછાયો પણ છોડી દેશે સાથ