• The students are organized in International teams called TASK FORCES

    The 6 TASK FORCES are experimental or ICT elementary tasks
    The teachers adapt their school organization according to their pedagogy, topic,material conditions...
    The students have a prefered task(s) according to their skills, preferences, sense of responsability



    Gnomon evaluation

    The experimental devices used to measure the angle of the sun are analysed and the results compared to the theorical values.

    They are classified, and evaluated.

    The issues are identified, and solutions are proposed to improve the measures


  • Task Forces Twinboard

    Aigio Greece

    Students from Aigio are talking about the Eratosthenes project 2018

    Students from Petroupoli (C' class) about their experience on Eratosthenes project (May 2018)
    11th Junior High School of Ilion, Greece

    Students experience of the project: "A word that comes to your mind connecting to this project" (C4a class, 26-04-2018 on mentimeter)

    Eratosthenes Task Forces in lafrançaise
    Work team Eratosthenes 2018, Busteni, Romania
    Evaluation of the gnomons