Ermira Arizi "28 Nentori " school , Albania - March/April/May

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    WORLD WATER DAY - MARCH 15TH ,,,Children's drawing and pictures activity

    WORLD WATER DAY - Student's activity

    The circle of water in nature

    The word "water"learned and written in the language of the project participants' countries

    Student's investigations about the importance of water to people,animals and plants

    Saving water - A useful event for improve the skills of students. Our parents helped us with materials found on GOOGLE

    World Water Day 22 March - Partners meet online

    Watching movies about water ,,,learning by having fun :)

    Global Warming - Students investigations...

    About Global Warming...

    Happy Earth Day April 22th 2018!


    Earth Day Song - Plant a tree

    Exhibition of project at our school

    The benefits of the project to students.

    Great project!!! A big thank you to all!!!


    Parent and Student Satisfaction Surveys - Evalution of our project


    Our e-Book