• 1.Dünyamızın karşı karşıya kaldığı çevresel tehditlere dikkat çekmek.
    Attention to environmental threats facing our world.

    2.Temiz bir çevre bilinci oluşturmak.
    Create a clean environmental awareness.

    3.Doğanın dengesini bozan insan faktörlerine dikkat çekmek.
    To draw attention to human factors that disturb nature's balance.

    Padlet ile yapıldı

    Nature is all around us. We see it every day. It’s the sunset, the sunrise, the song of birds, the blooming оf flowers, the wind that blows, etc. These signs are an integral part of our lives. On the one hand we cherish these natural blessings, on the other hand – we don’t appreciate fully their importance. Thus, our future generations can be cut from these treasures. They might see less of natural wonders, because the humanity gradually destroys forests and kills some species of animals. It all happens due to industrial revolution and the growing number of chemical plants. Humans are the only species on our planet that consciously manipulate the environment. Unfortunately, we are poor leaders in this hierarchy, if we can’t increase the awareness of ecology. 

    People are too self-centered to notice how badly they treat the surrounding environment. For thousands of years they lived in harmony with nature till the development of civilization. They could use the natural riches limitlessly, while today we have to use all the resources sparingly. Pollution is another threat to nature. So many cities today are trapped in air and noise pollution that comes from motor vehicles and factories. That’s why some people tend to live in the countryside, where the air is much cleaner and fresher. World industries throw about 1000 million tons of dust and harmful substances into atmosphere. As a result many rare species of animals and plants die out, lakes dry up, forests disappear. Obviously our nurtured nature is in danger. And if people don’t take serious measures to save it, our planet can soon become lifeless.