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    Our activity - we will preserve nature, the day of water, the first spring flowers, drawing competition

    Save the planet

    Energy efficient lighting

    Our activity. We create newspapers. We are carried away - we create comics

    We are carried away - we create comics

    Our activity. We create newspapers. Save the planet, the environment, rivers ...

    Vacations are a great time. Particularly autumn when the nature enchants its colors. And this is especially striking when you travel. Therefore, for this period, we planned for a trip by such countries as Poland, Germany, France. Visited cities such as Leipzig, Dresden, Cracow, Paris. Study of language, history, culture, technology.
    Vacations are a great time - Dresden.
    Vacations are a great time -  Krakow
    Vacations are a great time - Paris
    Vacations are a great time - Poland
    Vacations are a great time - Leipzig
    Vacations are a great time - Dresden Art Gallery - Hall of Physics and Mathematics
    Vacations are a great time - Dresden Art Gallery - Hall of Porcelain

    Autumn - it's great time. Photos and sayings about autumn

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    I love autumn

    Our comics about nature

    My photo is in the woods

    Children produce films on the theme of the project

    International Day of Peace
    The International Day of Peace, sometimes unofficially known as World Peace Day, is a holiday observed annually on 21 September. It is dedicated to world peace, and specifically the absence of war and violence.
    Our team prepared a message board with wonderful words and pictures devoted to the theme of peace on the planet.

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    Work in the project
    We encode expressions about nature and the planet

    Our activity. We work in the project

    We work on the project to create an electronic newspaper


    How much of these materials are decomposed?
    aluminum cans - 80 - 100 years old
    plastic jars - never
    glass bottles - 1,000,000 years old
    Plastic bags - 15 - 1000 years

    Forest near my house

    One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Ukraine is located 10 km from me

    River Dniester near my city Zalishchiki


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    Prepare for the new year. We make toys with our own hands

    New year greetings for partners

    Skype meeting

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    Student works - interactive posters about nature

    The importance of preserving our planet. We create drawings at computer science classes. We will place them in the city. People need to remember about preserving the environment.