6. Step six - Dissemination: The project leaves the classroom

  • Assignment - The Story of a Euro Coin leaves the classroom 
    Share the final film and project with your community. End of year shows, local press... Europe!
    Deadline The end of your school year

    In Schillerschule, we presented the project's results at the school's "summer festival".

    Some students walked around and interviewed people, using the app "wordlet":

    "What does the Euro mean to you?" / "What did you do with your last Euro?"


    Some students tried to "lure" visitors into our "cinema" room by playing a trick on them first...once they bent down, Amy would "wind in" the line and finally ask them: "What would you do for a €uro?"








    Other students offered a "dilemma" interview to test their friendship or partnership - at the price of a €uro. Participants had to answer questions like "hot or cold?" or "cats or mice?" very quickly - separately from each other. If they scored more than 80%, they received a prize.

    Finally, there was a screening of our precious movie...


    In Les Pennes Mirabeau, our project was presented as a part of our end of year show on Friday 22nd June 2018.  Students from the class prepared a presentation and shared the project with parents, teachers and students.  It was all done in English, so it was a challenge for lots of people!  

    We organised a euro coin quiz and had lots of audience participation.  ETwinning tattoos kept the pupils happy and there was an eTwinning pencil set for the quiz winner.  

    The movie was a great success! Everyone was proud to have participated!