Samuel and Philippe

  • The story of Bob, a one Euro coin


    Philippe BRUNET & Samuel BRUNET


    Bob : Hello ! (one Euro coin telling his story to his friends)


        I'm a one Euro coin, on my tummy, I have a big 1 and on my back a beautiful tree. I was born in Normandy in 2016 when a bank teller came and threw me in a cash point. One day, a man broke open the machine and took me and my friends away. Luckily, I managed to get away with Jean-Pierre and Robert. We shouted for a long time (4 days to be exact) but when someone finally came, he only took Jean-Pierre because he was a 5€ bank note (me and Robert crying for many hours) After a while, a grandmother saw us.


    Grandmother : “Why do people abandon money...” (looking at us sadly)


        She took us in her wallet where I found lots of friends including a baby 1c coin (me being happy and jumping around). One day, the grandmother went to Toys'rus to buy a LEGO for her grandson's birthday. (grandmother searching for a cheap LEGO). She brought me to the till and exchanged me and Robert for a mini STAR WARS figurine. Sadly the shopkeeper tried to throw me in a pond to make a wish but missed miserably and threw me in the sewers


    shopkeeper : “Oh well, it's just any one Euro coin...”