Hannah and Amelia

  • 1€ : Hola, my name is Miguel euro. I am a 1 euro coin from Spain. I was born in a money factory called « Rojo euro ».My big sister is called Miama euro. She is a 2 euro coin.

    These days I have been transported on a truck to a bank in Italy, but I fell out ! I am now on the side of a sidewalk in Rome.

    A dog sniffed me, then I was alone. 2 hawers later, a little boy picked me up

    (a little boy comes on stage) He chose to drop me in a fountain. (we here a “plop” sound) “Help!” I cried. “I can't swim!” But no body came.

    In the after-noon, it was so hot, someone came by and put his hands in the water to cool of is face, but he picked me up at the same time by accident.


    Stranger: “ Oh, lucky euro!”


    1€: But a magpie flew right on me and picked me up.


    Stranger: “Stupid bird !”

    (the stranger goes away looking up in the air)


    1€: Now I ended up in a nest. “ What an adventure!” I say. “DZZZZZIIIIIT!!!!!” ( We here a chainsaw noise)


    1€: Somebody was cutting done the tree!!! “Help!” I scream. The tree fell down, and I fell with it. I rolled, and fell into a sewer. (We here a little “ding!”)

    At night , a rat came by and picked me up and brought me to a homeless man.


    The homeless man: “Good job Charley!”


    1€: The man took me and went into a bar. (“Dling!” we here a bell)


    The shopkeeper: “Hello, what can I do for you?”


    The homeless man: “I wold like a glass of wine please.”


    1€:The man put me down on the counter, and then I fell in the cash register. When the store was closed the shopkeeper put me in his pocket and brought me outside. But I fell into a truck's trunk. Somebody closed the door and I could read on it:”rojo euro”. “Horay!” I said. “I am going to the bank now!”


    Good bye everyone!