Yazan and Sylvain

  • The Story Of One One


    1€ (comes on stage to tells his story):Hello I’m One One that is my my nickname but my real name is 1€ . I come from Germany and I’m going to go travel all of Europe with a human bean, I think that’s the spelling. Now I will tell my story, a long time ago in a bank far far away there was a 1 cent(that was me) and after travelling through German shops and banks I grew and became 1€. After my 1€ birthday I was in a dark cashier box all alone, suddenly I saw a huge hand take me and I realized it was my human friend Sylvain.

    Sylvain (hides in the corner so that no one hears him): Hello beautiful 1€, I’m sorry but I will have to give you to this man for change.


    Suddenly I saw another human who had a strange flashy yellow suit, an apologetic beard, his hat was dangling from his hand as he stroked his hair, he said

    Stranger: Come here my precious 1€.


    Then he took me and ran away from the store, he went to place called an Aero port.

    Stranger: Lets get to our plane.


    Boarding lady: May I have your ticket, please?


    Stranger (hands his ticket to the lady): Here you go.


    Boarding lady: Enjoy your flight sir.


    (goes into the aeroplane)

    Pilot: your in seat C4.


    Stranger: Thank you very much.

    (goes to seat C4)

    Man: Nice 1€, can I have it.


    Stranger: Thank you for the compliment, but no.


    (The man steals the 1€ without the stranger knowing it)


    Stranger: I wonder what will I do with this 1€?

    (Throws the 1€ on the ground)

    Then I saw a little boy pick me up


    Boy: Wow a 1€, I should tell Ma.

    (the boy goes to his mom)


    Boy: Look mom I found a 1€!!!!


    Mom: good job Yazan, maybe you could use it to buy some pizza when we arrive at Italy.


    Yazan: Thank you mom for the idea, when are we arriving to Italy?


    Mom: We should arrive in around 1 hour.


    Yazan: Yess! I am very excited.


    (The plane arrives to Italy)

    Yazan: Yess!! We have arrived.


    Mom: I see a pizza shop across the bridge.


    Yazan: Lets cross the bridge.

    (they cross the bridge)


     Unfortunately while they cross the bridge the 1€ falls from the boys pocket and into the bridge, where he could never be found again...


    by Yazan brunet and Sylvain brunet