Lisa and Rose


    The story of a 1€ coin


    1€: (the one euro coin come's on stage) “Ciao my name is Leonardo, I am an Italian 1€ euro coin. I was born in a bank in Rome. The first time I traveled is when the bank teller gave me to a lady with three children.”


    Lady: “Thank you very much!” (I'm plumped in her pocket)


    Children: “Mummy! We want some sweets!!!” (The lady and the three children went in a store to bye sweets)


    Lady: “Hello, I would like three lollypops, please.”


    Shopkeeper: “Of course, it will be 1€ 50 please.”


    1€: “And then I was in the dark. Suddenly, I heard another coin say…


    Other coin: “Oh! There is someone new! Hello, who ever you are!


    1€: “Hello, I'm a 1€ coin, and you?”


    Other coin: “I'm a 50 cents coin.”


    1€: (But before I could replay I heard a sound of banging and then I was picked up again and landed in a man's hand!)


    Shopkeeper: “Here's your change, mister.”


    Man: “Thank you. Have a good day.”


    1€: (I stayed only a few minutes in his wallet, until he got me out and gave me to a bus driver.)


    Bus driver: “Thank you!”


    1€: (I stayed a long, long time there, and I still am! But I'm sure one day I will move to a new ADVENTURE!!!!