Interview sheet and assignment - English

  • To be read out to the interviewee before the recording of the questions:

    This interview is part of a project on eTwinning. ETwinning is a digital platfrom funded by the E.U. It allows teachers to create virtual classrooms where students from across Europe can work together. In our project "The story of a 1€uro coin", students from France, Germany, the Netherlands and Greece, we want to find out what people in Europe think about our common currency. That is why we kindly ask you to answer our questions. Some of the interviews will then be published in a brochure which will be handed out in the local communities and schools. In case this interview will be picked, we would kindly ask for your contact details, so that we might get back to you once your interview has been picked for the brochure. If we could also take a picture this would be brilliant.

    If you have already made up your mind, please sign underneath:

    "I agree that my picture and the recording will be shared on the Twinspace. Only students from Europe and their teachers can view it."





    Name of the interviewee: ___________________________

    Contact details (for internal purposes only): ________________________

    Picture (if applicable) :




    1. What did you spend your last €uro coin on?


    2. What does the €uro coin mean to you?


    3.  What money did your country use before the €uro?


    4.  How did you feel about changing to the €uro?  (For adults)


    5.  What is the design on your country's €uro coin?


    6.  How well does the €uro represent your country?


    7.  How does having the €uro make you a part of Europe?


    8.  How old is the €uro?


    9. Are you aware of the design on other european countries' euro coin?