Christmas in Germany - this is what a €uro coin can buy you

  •  Christmas Market

    We were on a Christmas Market in Hanover.We ate traditional Christmas dinner, for Example: candy canes or candyfloss,...  For a one Euro coin we just can buy a candy cane. The other things are more expensive than one euro.


    The first stand that you can see is selling so called “Glühwein” which can be translated by mulled wine.

    This is usual to drink for adults because it contains alcohol.

    There are different tastes like cherry or blueberry.

    The mulled wine normally costs 3€.

    Afterwards you can see the offer of churros which have a spanish origin but can often be found on German christmas markets.

    The churros are served either with cinnamon and sugar, apple puree, chocolate, vanilla flan ort different kind of jams.

    The churros are quite expensive because they cost round about 4 €.