A thousand reasons to communicate

We have started an Erasmus+ project and we would like to use Etwinning as a way of showing our work, communicated among ourselves, let students share experiences, talk to each other...


Have a look at our Erasmus+ corners at our schools.  This document shows how we have worked within our schools.  These special places were created to show our students and their families what we have been doing during these two years.  We hope you like them.


These are our Erasmus+ corners.  Have a look at our work!

This is the Erasmus corner in FINLAND; Nopankylä School (Ilmajoki)




***Our Erasmus-corner is a hall. We see our presents many times during school days. They give us good memories and make us glad. :)



This is the Erasmus+ corner in Fraga (Huesca), Spain.






Erasmus corner Greece


2nd Primary School Agion Anargyron





And here you can see the Erasmus+ corner in Poland. They are displayed in the English classroom, where all the classes can see them during the lessons and breaks. Sometimes some exhibits were used during the lessons :-)






This is the Erasmus corner in Romania, Ioan Slavici school, Oradea.


Here is our Erasmus Corner at Barnburgh Primary school in the UK. Take a look at all our learning! 




Author: Monica Arellano
Last editor: Ibolya Monika Semendi